Sleek Minimalistic Wallets for 2021

There are some great wallets out there made from real genuine leather that holds many of my cards and cash. I decided to cut back this year in 2021 to a slimmer wallet.

The wallet of choice for me is a black genuine leather Danier wallet that is over 10 years old and still in great condition! It’s held many currencies from euros, lei, Cuban and Mexican pesos to Canadian dollars. Since traveling is not too big of a need these past few months, I decided to only carry the essentials; driver’s license, health card, essential cards, and sometimes a McDonald’s coffee card.

For the past little while, I have been researching a different type of wallet that caught my eye, mainly RFID blocking wallets. I had not previously known about the dangers of theft from passerby’s using the wireless tap feature on cards to make unauthorized charges. However, experts in the field appear to rebuke these claims.

In theory, criminals can buy readers for less than $100 and then sneak up behind people and scan their pockets or bags to try and steal information. The supposed threat: the information they skim can then be used to steal the victim’s identity or push through fraudulent transactions using their details. But there’s a problem with this supposition.

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This may be true for credit cards and bank cards, where they offer protection against theft, but may not apply to gym cards, for example. I am not worried about someone somehow finding the gym I use and trying to gain access any time soon. But this still did not dissuade me from finding the best slim wallet for me.

You can see the different types of wallet materials I found online to better understand my perspective of each’s utility.

Metal Wallets


  • Tough and durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Slim and lightweight. Aluminum and titanium are light metals, the former may dent and scratch easier while the latter may suffer from paint scratches.
  • Can be smooth or designed to almost any flavor.
  • Rigid, brittle, strong, and is resistant to bending and creasing.


  • Typically the wallet can’t hold more than 6 cards.
  • Limited space and security for cash.
  • Metal is hard and may damage clothing.
  • High-quality wallets can be very pricy, but made from quality materials and may have custom engravings.

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VULKIT Card Holder with Money Pocket Pop Up Wallet RFID Blocking Slim Metal Bank Card Case Holds 5 Cards and Notes(Black)

This style appeals to me because of the pop-up design.

FIDELO Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet – Slim RFID Credit Card Holder Money Clip for Men (Prestige “3K”)

I like the design of this wallet. It does not have the annoying non-removable protruding clip that other metal wallets feature. It also does not have any visible screws, giving it a more sleek feel. It also features multiple colours for money straps, which I will be trying out.

Leather Wallets


  • Soft, smooth, and flexible material, especially if it is of great quality.
  • Looks better over time and may improve appearance with marks.
  • Very flexible to carry, and slips out of my pocket easily.
  • Leather wallets go with any outfit and occasion.


  • Leather wallets are no water-resistant. Good thing Canadian money is waterproof, too bad for the receipts though.
  • Can add bulk and weight, even without cards. This is one reason I choose to get a slimmer wallet.
  • This one is a big con for me: sometimes cards need a bit of work to remove from the pockets. The benefit is that the pockets can stretch and accommodate more cards in one slot, not recommended but possible.
  • Some wallets require special care and treatment for the wallet’s skin.
  • Quality wallets are more costly, but quality does really equal the price for these types of wallets.

There is a great selection of wallets produced by Bellroy, Danier, Timberland, Tom Ford, Vaultskin Manhattan, and many more. I will share a few that gained my interest recently.

Timberland Men’s Sportz Passcase

This wallet comes in black and brown. The price is affordable the design is sleek and thin.

Mercedes Benz Bifold Wallet with 3 Card Slots and ID Window – Genuine Leather

I can’t even believe this wallet exists. It has the Mercedes Benz logo embedded in the leather to add to the appeal. If you want to impress your friends when you have a matching branded wallet and car then this seems like a convenient pick!

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